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Web design for the Chinese market is different. What people expect from a website is different.

We help you decide what is important and provide the experience to help your company get it right.

Helping you to build your China audience and ultimately your China Business.


About Us

China Web Designers (北京优越智腾咨询有限公司) is a multi-service design & development agency based in Beijing that is dedicated to helping businesses establish themselves in China. Our multilingual team has been helping clients with their China web presence since 2004. Through our extensive knowledge of Chinese culture, web design and development we can help you market your business to potential customers, clearly and effectively, by boosting your current brand message with our local knowledge of the Chinese marketplace & people.


Therese Healy, First Secretary at Department of Foreign Affairs

“The team at China Web Developers provided an excellent and personalised service for my organisation. Their work was detailed, well thought-out and effective. They always delivered this work in a timely and professional way. I would fully recommend them”.


What we do

• Combine aspects of Chinese & Western design, to conform to Chinese cultural contexts, to deliver a great looking website that is easily updatable.

• Develop a coherent site navigation for the Chinese user.

• Provide English to Chinese translations for your content.

• Ensure your website loads quickly within the Great Firewall of China.

• Register a Chinese domain name and provide hosting for your site.

• Assist you in getting an ICP license if you wish to host the site inside China.

• Optimise your site for the technical aspects of SEO.

• Set up your China social media presence on WeChat.


Alison Clark, China-based producer, CIB Productions

“We selected China Web Developers to design our new website for our local Chinese production company. We are extremely happy with the final result which was delivered on budget and on time, despite a tight deadline and we would certainly hire them again for future projects”.


Our Services

We offer website localization services that are tailor-made for you to enter China market, which not only attract your target Chinese audience, but perform well on China search engines. In some cases and depending on your specific goals and objectives, it may be appropriate to design and develop a completely new website specific for the Chinese market. Please click here to learn more about how we can help you.

Please use the form below to send us a message or write to us at

Contact us to discuss your Chinese Website Design & Localisation requirements.


Grant Rowles, Commercial Director at Asia Shipping Media

My company has used China Web Designers for more than two years having built 6 websites. We have always found them to be knowledgable, easy to work with and understanding of our requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.



In trying to promote your product or service to a wider market, website localization is of great importance. You might think that online automatic translations are a solution. However, they often produce awkward results. Only human translation, done by experts, can be fully reliable. You might consider website localization as an additional expense. However, we know you're investment is easily compensated when it comes to website translation.

Please us the form below to drop us a message or email us at:

Contact us to discuss your Chinese Website Design & Localisation requirements.


Fred Hsu, 3rd Stone Investment Research

“China Web Developers built and maintains our e-Commerce website. We have been using them since 2012 and are pleased with their work. I'm happy recommending them to others”.


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Sandy MacMillan, Founder, Brand Energies Limited

“China web designers launched my company's website in 2009. As a very demanding designer myself and with lots of video content that needed to be showcased and made easily accessible to both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking potential clients, I think they did an excellent job. They are trustworthy and very reasonable to deal with, and they pass on the significant savings to be made by outsourcing web design and web maintenance to China”.


Some of our past Projects & Clients

Our client list includes startups, local companies, international corporations, NGO’s and embassies.

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If your ready to start a project please fill out our Contact Us form so we are prepared. If you simply have a few questions or would like to know more about the development process, have a chat with our Managing Director Saurav Bhattacharyya on WeChat or call the number below.


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